LUMA Southern Light Project

LUMA is an award-winning arts and culture festival based in Queenstown. LUMA takes place on Queens Birthday Weekend, June 2nd to June 5th 2017 with four evenings of illuminated art, light sculptures and entertainment.

LUMA Southern Light Project is light festival based in the Queenstown Gardens. LUMA is about connecting people, illuminating spaces, bringing both local and national artists and businesses together. In 2016 LUMA was enjoyed by over 10,000 visitors, and is one of Queenstown’s most exciting events of the year.

LUMA Southern Light Project, and the LUMA Light Festival Trust are supported by local government event funding and sponsors from all over Queenstown and Otago. LUMA is not a commercial event, it is a community event which local people can be proud being part of. LUMA works closely with SILO, it’s event management team to bring the event to Queenstown each year.

LUMA brings together an exceptional group of local technical people from marketing and sales, event production, videography, photography, web, print, signage specialists to name just a few.  Tom Tom played a huge part of LUMA 2016, and look to be an integral partner again for 2017, and again our largest partner Angus Muir Design, who literally fill a container with work with them from Auckland, and around the world where their work is exhibited.

An incredible team of videographers, photographers, and film makers helped to put together last years highlights mini doco on LUMA 2016, check it out here.

The LUMA team

Core Team

Luke has worked as a design professional in Queenstown since 2000 and is a keen supporter of local artistic endeavors. Luke has a strong background in environmental design and architecture, project management and technical production.

Tim is a graphic designer and brand developer based in Queenstown. Owner of design agency Fluid, local culture magazine The Source and small art and creative space The Front Room, Tim has a passion for creativity and innovation.

Simon has been involved with video, photography and music professionally since 1995. Simon brings with him extensive experience in custom photo and video installation and project work and a huge passion for visual arts.

Dan hails from the North Island, with a background in the New Zealand music Industry, events and graphic design, which found him touring the world with underground house music label LoveFunk Records and currently the Sales and Content Manager for Queenstown.com

Duncan, Winemaker for Mount Edward Wines in Gibbston Valley,  is an experienced event manager and lover of all things creative. He is also the chair elect for the LUMA Light Festival Trust.