LUMA Southern Light Project is an annual light festival which will take place from June 1st to 4th 2018 in the Queenstown Gardens, the Queenstown waterfront, and specific locations throughout the CBD.

We have identified several significant sites within the festival which we would like to invite artists to engage with. These sites are pivotal elements of the LUMA experience and this represents a unique opportunity to collaborate and bring diversity to this rapidly expanding event.

LUMA will welcome expressions of interest from artists offering bespoke, site-specific creations or installations which have been exhibited previously at other light festivals. All proposals will be considered; including projection mapping, mixed media sculpture, interactive lighting elements and performance pieces, as long as the artist believes they will enhance, and add to, the LUMA experience.

The three areas we are keen to see concepts for, are Earnslaw Park, the Queenstown Gardens Rotunda and Queenstown Gardens Glasshouse. Please refer to the event page to view previous installations in the above locations. 

Pieces selected to be part of LUMA are chosen on the following factors


  • Uniqueness
  • Interest
  • Innovative
  • Engaging


  • Weatherproofing
  • Structural resilience
  • Engineering detail
  • Safety and Accessibility
  • Delivery
  • Packdown


Your budget will need to include:


Artist fee for yourself and collaborators, technicians or contractors.


Materials and tools to create the work either rental or purchase pricing. For large scale projection mapping works list your projection needs and costs, this may be sourced through our partners.


Supplementary infrastructure required beyond the work itself such as attachments, containers or special access equipment. Include costs for install to the best of your knowledge, we understand that this could fluctuate based on location. Elevated work platforms LUMA will be arranged through our partners.

Travel and Freight

Please provide estimates for your personal travel to Queenstown, as well as shipping or freight costs for your equipment

Other income

Please provide estimates for contra or cash sponsorship and/or potential funding applications, please note whether or not these are confirmed.


  • Site specific responses
  • Respects its surroundings
  • Contributes to the immersiveness of the festival

Your responsibilities

  • You are responsible for delivering the work at the standard described in your application, and approved by the LUMA team
  • You are to supply all the materials and tools for your installation within your budget
  • Your installation is your responsibility to install, and to pack down unless organized and signed off by the LUMA team
  • Should your work require any engineering, or specific large equipment for the install you will need to provide full plan which will need to be pre approved
  • You are responsible for insuring your own work
  • You are required to attend health and safety briefing, and complete a Job Safety Analysis and risk assessment supplied by LUMA

Our responsibilities

  • We provide a festival which supports our artists, crew, volunteers and audience
  • Safe working environment
  • Access equipment as specified in your application
  • Permissions and permits for the installation sites
  • Security
  • Your installation will be included in our wayfinding, maps, and website, and will have a light box/artist panel
  • We will provide media opportunities for your installation on all our social media platforms, and in our printed material where possible


  1. Create your budget, this will need to be submitted with your application
  2. Read through the expression of interest and gather your photos, drawings etc for upload
  3. Fill out the application form, this requires a google sign in for file uploads
  4. LUMA curation team assess the application and will contact you with questions, extra details
  5. Preliminary approval 
  6. Finalize budgeting, establish sponsor, unless already sponsored – confirm funding
  7. Finalize details, contract and insurance
  8. Final approval

Please follow the following link to the form.

Submission Form