LUMA Southern Light Project

LUMA is an award-winning sensory experience in Queenstown. LUMA takes place on Queen’s Birthday Weekend with four nights of illuminated art, light sculptures and performance. LUMA is about connecting people, illuminating spaces, bringing both local and national artists and businesses together.

LUMA Southern Light Project had its pilot in 2015 with LUMA16 being our inaugural event in the Gardens which was enjoyed by over 10,000 visitors. LUMA17 attracted more than 35,000 and LUMA18/19 had 50,000+ visitors. LUMA has quickly established itself as one Queenstown’s most exciting events of the year.

LUMA Southern Light Project, and the LUMA Light Festival Trust are supported by local government event funding and sponsors from all over Queenstown and Otago. LUMA is not a commercial event, it is a community event which local people can be proud of being part of. LUMA works closely with SILO, it’s event management team to bring the event to Queenstown each year. 2019 had over 100 volunteers giving time and energy to LUMA.

LUMA brings together an exceptional group of local technical people from marketing and sales, event production, videography, photography, web, print, signage specialists to name just a few.

The LUMA team

South Island Light Orchestra (SILO)

The South Island Light Orchestra is the creative force behind LUMA. SILO also plays a part in creating light installations that push the boundaries of art and technology through illumination, projection and interactivity.

Luke has worked as a design professional in Queenstown since 2000 and is a keen supporter of local artistic endeavors. Luke has a strong background in environment design and architecture, project management and technical production.

Tim is a graphic designer and brand developer based in Queenstown. Owner of design agency Fluid, local culture magazine The Source and small art and creative space The Front Room, Tim has a passion for creativity and innovation.

Simon has been involved with video, photography and music professionally since 1995. Simon brings with him extensive experience in photo and video, home automation, music and music production and a huge passion for visual arts.

Dan hails from the North Island, with a background in the New Zealand music Industry, events and graphic design, which found him touring the world with underground house music label LoveFunk Records he was also the Content Manager for Queenstown.com for eight years.

Duncan, Winemaker for Mount Edward Wines in Gibbston Valley,  is an experienced event manager and lover of all things creative. He is also the chair-elect for the LUMA Light Festival Trust.

Summit Events

Summit Events is the event management team which ensures the event shines brightly. Summit Events works on major events with suppliers year round, cementing strong established relationships.

CRAIG GALLAGHER Driven for success, Craig has used Summit Events as the platform to deliver iconic events. Summit Events now provides the full package of HR for major events around NZ, including everything from ticketing to labour and site management to waste management.

LIAM MARTIN Operations manager for Summit Events. With over 7 years experience in the production industry and is highly skilled in all production and logistical elements.

JANEY RAE Events Operations and Logistics

LEIGH JEFFERY (LUMAteers) – Leigh grew up in these parts and has a background in marketing, brand development and project management. She is a previous event director for the Queenstown Winter Festival and her love for the area and the people it attracts sees her raising a family here and currently working as a freelance photographer. Contact: lumateers@luma.nz