Local artist creates iconic art for festival

Local artist and entrepreneur Tom Lynch is back to connect strangers in the dark through light and music at the 2017 LUMA festival.

At last year’s LUMA, the founder of TomTom productions created ‘‘Cõnsequentia’, an illuminated forest which many visitors said was their favourite installation. “I love the forest as a space to play around with art and light.” Tom says, “I wanted to light it up and create something interactive that brings people together.”

Tom used state-of-the-art sensors to track people’s hands, so as they moved, the entire forest would light up in response. “The whole point was with every movement you made there was a consequence. Both kids and adults loved it.”

Tom has been planning this year’s installation for 12 months. Whilst the final details remain a surprise, he explains it will be another interactive artwork within the forest.

“I want to create a ceiling of illuminated rope across the forest, connected to microphones and possibly a piano. When people speak or play music, there will be a light reaction across the entire forest.”

“The idea is to encourage strangers, across the space of a dark forest, to come together and create a few beautiful moments of music, art and light that can never happen again.”

Tom became involved with LUMA in 2016, when his friend asked TomTom Productions to help with the lighting and installation of the show. “I love being able to use my business’s technology for art and create something that has lots of cleverness behind the scenes but looks effortless on the outside. LUMA is exactly what Queenstown needed and I wanted to support that, this town has the best natural canvas in the world.”
Tom’s piece is just one of over 20 installations from local and international artists which will be lighting up Queenstown at LUMA 2017.

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