LUMA Archive

What Have We Done?

We’re not completely sure. We set out to resist the darkness and bring a little something to our little mountain town. The fun continues, come check us out.


2021 was a big year of firsts for LUMA as we released a ticketing program for the first time, and in collaboration with Queenstown Central, ORC & Orbus launched the LUMA Park & Ride. After a cancelled event in 2020 we stared down the global pandemic and pressed ahead for an incredible LUMA21. 


We couldn’t bring our people to LUMA this year so we encouraged everyone to bring a little bit of the LUMA sparkle to their place. This incredible sensory experience was cancelled for 2020 as we rallied together against COVID-19, so what better opportunity to stand in solidarity and light up your neighbourhood instead. 


Now a fully fledged arts festival combining sensory experiences with human interaction, LUMA gathered performance, music and the arts into a visual feast throughout the Queenstown Gardens. Naughty Gnomes, frisky fairies and kids young and old continue the ever-changing LUMA story.


LUMA became a full sensory experience. The Gardens were brimming with interactive installations, a total treasure trove of discovery, where there was something for everyone to touch, feel, hear and experience; lost down the rabbit hole. A record number of artists contributed to LUMA 2018.

LUMA-2017-Jakub Soltysiak


In an explosion of colour, fractals, people and engagement LUMA grew into a full immersion event. Fairies roamed the gardens, children got lost and found with our Schools and Emerging Artists Programme bringing our community into the LUMA fold. LUMA attracted 35,000 people and for the first time moved to a 4 day event.


LUMA found its home in the Queenstown Gardens creating a fairyland gallery of lights, sculptures, interactions; a place to get lost in for families and kids of all ages. Projections morphed into visual forests, interactive sculptures to ghostly visions with professional artists from across the country helping to create the first full LUMA experience.


LUMA15 was a pilot project to demonstrate the need for an annual arts and cultural festival with the theme of light over Queen’s Birthday weekend, with an eventual focus on schools, local and national artists, community groups and event sustainability.