If you want to find out where these are located, check out the map.

Friday 1 – Monday 4 June

5:30pm – Arli Liberman
6:00pm – EchoKnot
7:00pm – Arli Liberman
7:30pm – EchoKnot
8:30pm – Arli Liberman
9:00pm – EchoKnot

Friday 1 June

LUMA Lounge DJ’s
Foz and Phully

GDI Outdoor Cinema
Len Lye Foundation film evening

5pm, 7:30pm: A Flip and Two Twisters (documentary, 46m)
5:50pm, 8:20pm: Art That Moves (documentary, 18m)
6:10pm, 8:40pm: Colour Box (short film compilation, 1h20m)

Saturday 2 June

LUMA Lounge DJ’s
Stevie, Sinclair and Benjammin

GDI Outdoor Cinema
Active Adventures presents “Travel and Adventure”

5pm: Secret Life of Walter Mitty (feature film, 1h54m)
7pm: 180 South (documentary, 1h25m)
8:30pm: Encounters at the End of The World (documentary, 1h40m)

Sunday 3 June

LUMA Lounge DJ’s
Simon Shea and Damian

GDI Outdoor Cinema
Queenstown Film Society presents “Ed Wood Cult Film Night”

5pm: Ed Wood (feature film, 2h10m)
7:20pm: Plan 9 From Outer Space (feature film, 1h25m)
8:50pm: Bride of the Monster (feature film, 1h10m)

Monday 4 June

LUMA Lounge DJ’s
Leon, Sam

GDI Outdoor Cinema
Sherwood presents “Art, Music and Community”

5pm: Animation and Music short films
6:20pm: Life From Above and Beyond (short film, 10m)
6:30pm: Waste Land (documentary 1h36m)
8:20pm: Bar 25 – Days Out of Time (documentary, 1h40m)