South Island Light Orchestra is a visual arts initiative bringing together artists and innovators to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces using the medium of light. We work closely with event managers, building owners and planners to illuminate our environment and create unique landscapes through a collaborative design process.
SILO has been working behind the scenes to curate the LUMA Southern Light Project here in Queenstown which we plan to establish as a major annual event for Queens Birthday Weekend in Queenstown Gardens and CBD.
SILO welcomes opportunities to collaborate on new projects and our team of four Queenstown-based creatives are available for an obligation-free planning discussion at your convenience. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea you’d like us to assist with.
Luke Baldock

Luke has worked as a design professional in Queenstown since 2000 and is a keen supporter of local artistic endeavours. Luke has a strong background in architecture, spacial design and event production.

Tim Buckley

Tim is a graphic designer and brand developer based in Queenstown. Owner of design agency Fluid, local culture magazine The Source and small art and creative space The Front Room, Tim has a strong passion for creativity and innovation.

Simon Holden

Simon has been involved with video, photography and music professionally since 1995. Simon has extensive experience in custom photo and video installation and integration project work, and brings with him a huge passion for new media, visual arts and technology to the group.

Dan Move

Dan hails from The North Shore of NZ, with backgrounds in the New Zealand music Industry, Events and Graphic Design , which found him touring the world with underground House Music Label LoveFunk Records and currently the Sales and Content manager for