LUMA20-VivoExotica National Art Award

Entries accepted from 10 February – 24 March, 2020

Starting on February 10th artists can enter at:
Luma20-VivoExotica Enter Online

DEADLINE: 24 March, 2020

Terms and Conditions



LUMA Southern Light Project is pleased to announce an opportunity for artists to participate in the creation of a new LUMA initiative, VivoExotica. Located at the very heart of LUMA20 and the Queenstown Gardens, VivoExotica will be a self contained art space designed to showcase original New Zealand artwork and sculpture.

The winning entry at VivoExotica will be honoured with the Mount Edward LUMA Arts award carrying a single prize of $10,000.

The call is open to established and emerging artists, artist teams, community groups, sculptors, designers or architects who wish to submit an exterior sculpture or art installation that will become one of the inhabitants of this extraordinary collection.


The exhibition theme is “A Place of Life”. The scope of proposals may be as weird and wild as life itself. Your artwork should simply be informed by some aspect of the living world and be intended to help populate the bizarre vivarium of all lifeforms, great and small, real and imagined, that will be VivoExotica.
Artwork of any type or medium will be considered. Stand alone sculpture, kinetic and interactive works or site specific installations will all be eligible.


VivoExotica will be situated in the Rose Garden of the Queenstown Gardens.
This large open space includes level lawns, classic rose beds, numerous specimen trees and a large boundary hedge. Site specific sculpture and installations are welcomed. A detailed description of the Rose Garden can be found at If you are thinking site specific and would like to discuss options we’d love to hear from you.
VivoExotica will be open for public viewing each day and during the four event evenings of the LUMA20 festival.
Curation of the collection will involve discussion with each of the selected artists. The final design of VivoExotica, the location, lighting etc. of each of its artworks, and the interaction between the artworks will be a result of guided collaboration by the curators and all participants.


The artwork should:

  • Refer to an aspect of the living world or a lifeform
  • Be delightful and surprising
  • Inspire curiosity and respect for life
  • Be fun and approachable, immersive or interactive
  • Capture visual interest by day and when lit at night
  • Art on any scale may be accepted
  • Artwork must be suitable for the outdoors
  • Designs should be durable, wind and weather proof
  • It may incorporate its own lighting or be designed to be lit
  • Natural, salvaged and sustainable materials are encouraged
  • Existing or recently created artworks are eligible


  • All artwork selected for inclusion in VivoExotica will be eligible for the Mount Edward LUMA Art award which carries a single grand prize of $10,000. Judges will be announced in March 2020.
  • All visitors to LUMA20 will be invited to vote for the VivoExotica People’s Choice Award. Prize package to be announced in March 2020.
  • An entry fee of $30 per Concept Proposal is payable on application.


LUMA is able to provide the following support for participating artists:

  • Logistics
  • Exhibition space at LUMA20 VivoExotica
  • Production facilitation and advice
  • Transport assistance
  • Installation assistance – plinths, lighting etc


  • Online and hardcopy sales catalogue of all the artwork
  • Dedicated pages for artist profiles and artwork descriptions
  • Local, national and international exposure through LUMA and its partners’ media channels
  • Local and national news coverage
  • Illuminated navigation within the exhibition


Funding is available to support emerging artists. If this is your first time at LUMA, if you’re building a career in the arts or you are a working artist who is new to sculpture and installation then you may qualify for funding through the LUMA Emerging Artist Programme. This programme is supported by SILO, Queenstown Cultural Arts Trust and Queenstown Airport. If you think you qualify then check out the programme details here and complete the Grant Application section of your VivoExotica entry.


  1. Register your interest. If this idea stirs up your creative energies but you are not quite ready to submit a detailed proposal then please let us know with a short email, phone call or text message. This will give us a chance to start the conversation, answer your immediate questions, offer support and keep you up to date with the project.
  2. Complete the online application here. You be asked to submit the following:
    Concept Statement – What is your concept of the artwork submitted or to be created? Why will people like it? How will it fit within the context of LUMA20 and VivoExotica?
    Design Sketch – Show your idea graphically (full rendering not required at this stage) or provide photographs of existing artwork.
  3. Funding Details – Details of how you plan to fund the work. Whether your artwork will be for sale. Any assistance you may require and whether you are applying for a LUMA Emerging Artist Programme grant.
  4. Something about you – Tell us about you and any team members. Provide images/descriptions of relevant previous work or shows.


  • VivoExotic entries accepted from 10 February – 24 March, 2020
  • Emerging Artist Grant Applications accepted from 10 February – 24 March, 2020
  • Notification of successful applicants 28 March, 2020
  • Final approval of proposals, funding and grants 4 April, 2020
  • Fabrication of artwork April – May, 2020
  • Delivery to Queenstown accepted from 22 May, 2020
  • Installation Queenstown Gardens from 24 May, 2020
  • Awards Event and Opening Night of LUMA20 – 29 May, 2020


Q: Will my artwork be for sale?

Short answer is Yes. LUMA would like the event to bring financial benefits to both the artists and the LUMA Emerging Artist Programme. While not mandatory we ask all artists to nominate a price and make their artwork for sale at LUMA20. LUMA will receive a 30%+GST commission from all artwork sales secured through the event. Artwork will be professionally marketed via the LUMA website, social media channels and a printed exhibition catalogue.

Q: If I can’t be there for the event can someone else do the installation?

LUMA is equipped to assist you with delivery, installation and return of artwork. If you cannot be there to take delivery, carry out installation or pack down then please contact us to discuss options. Details will depend on the type of artwork you have submitted.

Q: I have a completed or existing artwork that may be suitable. Can I propose that?

Yes. If you think your artwork fits the VivoExotica theme criteria and would look great in the Queenstown Rose Garden then we’d love to see it.

Q: What happens after the event?

Not sure yet. There may be an opportunity for Vivo Exotica to be relocated after LUMA20 to another gallery space for a follow up exhibition. If this happens we may ask you to defer collection of artwork or delivery to your buyer until after the exhibition. We will let you know about this as soon as we do.

Q: I think I may be eligible for funding through the LUMA Emerging Artist Programme. How do I apply?

You’ll find more information about LEAP here. To apply for a LUMA20 VivoExotica Project Grant you should submit a Concept Proposal and complete the LEAP Project Grant Application section within the form.

Q: Where are the T&Cs?

You can find the Terms and Conditions of entry here: Terms and Conditions


To register your interest or ask any other questions:

Phone or text:
Tony O’Keefe – VivoExotica coordinator
027 867 4958
or email us at: